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05 Imp Highlights For Individuals From Budget 2014-2015:

Finance Minister today presented budget for current financial year 2014-2015.There was some relief for tax payers and three important points for individuals are as follows:

Income Tax Exemption Limit Raised:Exemption limit raised by Rs.50,000 from current 2 Lakh to Rs.2,50,000 Lakh.Senior Citizens entitled for exemption limit of Rs.3 Lakh.

Exemption Limit u/s 80C Raised: Exemption u/s  80C raised to 1.50 Lakh from current 1 Lakh.Investors have number of options like Fixed deposits of tenure 5 years,ELSS schemes of mutual funds,Premium towards insurance plans etc.This will enhance saving and investment from individuals.

Investment Limit in PPF Enhanced:Investment limit in PPF enhanced to 1.50 lakh from current 1.00 lakh p.a..Investment in PPF is eligible for 80C and interest accumulated is also free from income tax.Investment in PPF is subject to lock in of 15 years (premature withdrawal possible with some conditions).

More benefits on housing loan interest component:Deduction on limit on interest component on loan of self-occupied house have raised to Rs.2 Lakh.

Kisan Vikas Patra :KVP will be reintroduced while NSC with insurance cover will be launched.

So we can see that there will be some relief for tax payers in this financial year.Individual up to gross income of Rs.4 lakh can save tax completely if utilized complete limit of section 80C and there will be further tax saving if home loan for self occupied home is availed.

RBI’s Fake Website

Reserve Bank Of India – RBI have cautioned general public about Fake website of RBI.This website is created using similar colour combination and logo of RBI.

This fake RBI website offers different baskets of products like Saving Account,Current Account,Term deposits,Mutual funds,Credit cards and Demat account.

This website demand specific personal information of users if one want to avail any services.

This fake RBI website can be visited at: (This website have reported as phishing website and few browsers may have placed restrictions for visiting the page)

BSE -NSE-Sensex-Nifty and Different Index Returns For Year 2013:

Sensex,NIFTY and returns offered by different sectoral indexes :

Returns offered by Sensex and other sectors from BSE:

Index Index as on Dec 31,2012 -CLOSING Index as on Dec 31, 2013 Percentage Gain or Loss
Sensex 19426 21170 8.98%
NIFTY 5905 6304 6.88%
BSE Midcap 7113 6705 -5.71%
BSE Small Cap 7380 6551 -11.23
BSE 100 5975 6326 5.87%
BSE 200 2424 2530 4.37%
BSE 500 7581 7828 3.26%
BSE Tech 3428 5051 47.35%
BSE PSU 7292 5909 -18.97%
BSE Capital Goods 10850 10264 -5.40
BSE FMCG 5916 6567 11%
Bse Healthcare 8132 9966 22.55%
BSE Consumer Durables 7719 5821 -24.59%
BSE IT 5684 9082 59.78%
BSE Banking Index 14345 13002 -9.36%
BSE Auto 11426 12258 7.28
BSE Oil & Gas 8518 8834 3.71
BSE Reality 2110 1433 -32.09
BSE  IPO 1878 1548 -17.57
BSE Power 1991 1700 -14.62

Performance of few selected sectors from NSE was as below:

Index AS on Dec31-2012-Closing As on 31st Dec-2013 % Change
NIFTY 5905 6304 6.88
CNX 100 5847 6231 6.57
CNX 500 4743 4923 3.80
BANK NIFTY 12475 11385 -8.74
NSE MIDCAP INDEX 8505 8070 -5.11
Pharma Index-NSE 6035 7644 26.66
CNX Infrastructure Index 2585 2477 -4.18

One can view that sectors like Pharma,Tech,IT,Healthcare ,FMCG are among top performing sectors. Investors  and mutual funds invested these sectors have rewarded in last year.while realty,power,consumer durable,PSUs are among the worst performers.

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