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7.53% IRFC Tax Free Bonds Dec 2015:

Indian Railway Finance Corporation – IRFC – financing arm of Indian railways – which was formed with an objective to finance development needs of Indian railways. IRFC will issue Secured, tax free bonds through one or more tranches in FY 2015-2016.

IRFC will issue tax free bonds worth Rs.1000 crore through Tranche-1 with option to retain over subscription up to 4,532 Crore which will open for subscription on Dec 08, 2015.

Imp Dates:

  1. Issue Open Date:Dec 08, 2015
  2. Issue Close Date:Dec 21, 2015.

Coupon Rates For Category IV Retail Individual Investors:

IRFC Tax Free Bonds Dec2015 Interest Rates

  1. Credit Rating : “AAA” From CRISIL, ICRA,CARE.
  2. Listing : @ BSE and NSE.
  • Tax Free bonds offers annual interest payment so its good for annual periodic income purpose.
  • Investors can sell bonds in secondary market as per market yield any time after listing.
  • ┬áTax free interest @ 7.53% can be considered as Good interest income option in current scenario.

Subscribe this issue if you are in high tax bracket, holding good amount of cash and need a long term periodic income.It is suggested to subscribe the bonds for longer term rather than speculative listing gains.

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