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NCD Issues In Financial Year -2013-2014 – Allotment Dates & Interest Payment Dates

A number of Non-Banking finance Comapany have come up with their issues of NCDs in this financial year.Here we always have considered only genuine companies which registered with competent authorities like RBI or NHB – which includes Shriram Transport Finance ,Muthoot finance,SREI Infrastructure Finance,IIFL,ECL -(Promoted by Edelweiss),Manappuram finance and Shriram City Union finance Ltd.

This post is intended to provide readers with snapshot of relevant information like date of allotment and date of interest payment at one place.

We have already created one post – for Tax Free Bonds issued in 2013-2014 and link for which is provided below.

Name of Issuer Company Date Of Allotment Date Of Interest payment
Annual  Interest Option Monthly  Interest Option
Shriram Transport finance –NCD  July-2013 01-08-2013 April  01 1st  of every month.
SREI – Infrastructure Finance NCD – Sept 2013 Sept 26, 2013 Sept  26 26th every month
Muthoot finance NCD Sept 2013 Sept 25, 2013 Sept 25 01st of every month
IIFL NCD Issue –Sept 2013 Sept 30, 2013 01st April 01st every month
STFC NCD Issue – Oct 2013 Oct 24, 2013 01st April Not Available
Muthoot finance NCD Nov-Dec 2013 Dec 04, 2013 Dec 04 01st every month – From 01st Feb 2014
IIHFL – NCD Issue Dec 2013 Dec 27, 2013 Not Available 27th of every month
Shriram City Union Finance – SCUF Dec 2013 Jan 04, 2014 Jan 05 Not available
ECL (Edelweiss) NCD Issue – January 2014 Jan 28,2014 Not available 01st every month – from 01st March 2014
Manappuram finance NCD –Jan 2014 Jan 28, 2014 January 28 01st of every month – from 01st March 2014
SREI – Infrastructure Finance NCD –Dec-2013 JAN2014 Awaited Awaited

If there is bank holiday on interest payment date then interest will be credited on next working day with actual day count basis and so actual interest credited will also varied.

Maturity date of NCD will be -period of NCD from date of allotment.

We have also created post – for Tax Free bonds issued till date for financial year -2013 -2014.

Tax Free Bonds 2013-2014 -Allotment Dates and Date of Interest payments – 

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