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IRFC Tax Free Bonds- Tranche II – To Open On Feb 28, 2014:

IRFC – Indian Railway Finance Corporation – A Govt Of India Enterprise Issue of Tax Free Bonds 2013-2014.This is second tranche of issue by Indian Railway.IRFC intends to collect Rs.1500 crore through this issue.

Imp Dates:

  1. Issue Open Date:28-02-2014
  2. Issue Close Date:07-03-2014

Interest rates of IRFC Tax Free Bond:

Interest rates for investors applying for Rs 10 Lakh or less i.e.for retail individual investors:

Option          Tr.1 Series 1B Tr.1 Series 2B
Tenure 10 Years 15 Years
Coupon Rate 8.44% 8.88%
Interest payment Annually Annually

In comparison with Tranche -I issue, this issue offers higher interest rate for period of 15 years and lower interest for period of 10 years.

One can view that this issue offers two options : One for a period of 10 years and for 15 years .Highest interest rate offered is 8.65% for period of 15 years.

Other investors apart from retail individual or HUF , will get less 0.25% interest rate.

Credit Rating :


Annual interest received will be of tax free in nature and as this issue offers highest safety …investors looking for long term, safe , periodic  interest income can consider to invest in this issue.

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