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NTPC Issue – Tax Free Bonds subscribed 189% On First Day:

Tax Free bond Issue of NTPC have started today and this issue have received a good response.

As per details,NTPC issue have subscribed 189% overall.

% Subscription Of NTPC Tax Free Bond Dec-2013 on 03- 12-2013 @ 5 pm 

Categories Bucket Size – IN CRORES Amount  subscribed –Crores. % subscribed Unsubscribed Amount – Crores
I 175 423 241.71% 0
II 437.5 1372.13 313.63% 0
III 437.5 851.05 194.53% 0
IV 700 662.93 94.70% 37.07

Above details are till 5:00 p.m today.

One can check the response received to NTPC tax free bonds and its clear that it is only matter of time and issue will be preclosed very much earlier than its closing schedule date which is on Dec 16,2013.

Company have intended to raise the capital of Rs.1750 crore through this issue and have received the bids of 3309.11 crore till 5.00 pm today.

Apart from NTPC,issue of HUDCO Tax Free Bonds have subscribed around 29% and issue of Shriram City Union Finance have received good response from Retail investors but a lukewarm response from institutional investors.

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