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Review Of “Gitanjali” Fixed Deposit Scheme:

Gitanali Gems one of the leading name in the field of diamonds and jewellery has come up with fixed deposit scheme as per deposits rules-1975.

About Gitanjali Gems:

Gitanjali Gems is one of the largest diamond and jewellery manufacturer and retailer in India.Company sells their branded jewellery through different brand names like Naksahtra Diamond jewellery,Asmi,Maya Jewels,D’damas -Dazzle the world,Sangini,Lucera etc.

Gitanjali Fixed Deposit rates:

Both cumulative and non-cumulative options are available for depositors.

Period Interest Rate
1 Yr 11.50%
2 Yrs 12.00%
3 Yrs 12.50%
  •  For non-cumulative mode interest will paid out quarterly basis and principle on maturity.
  • For cumulative mode,interest is compounded quarterly and payable at maturity.
  • Min investment amount: Rs.25,000/-
  • Current market capitalization of company as on July 03, 2013: 1777 Cr.

Profit Reported by Company:

Profit reported by Gitanjali for last 03 years:

Year Profit Reported Crores.
2013 265.16
2012 258.33
2011 228.97

Dividend history – Gitanjali Gems

Dividends paid by company to their share holders

Year Dividend %
2013 30
2012 30
2011 30
2010 20
2009 18
2008 18

please note dividend history can not guaranteed future performance of any company and can be taken for reference only.

Positive Factors for Gitanjali:

  1. Well known reputed brand ,within & outside India.
  2. Company owns 8 out of 10 jewelery brands from India.
  3. Consistent in   yearly profits and dividend.

Concerns about company:

Stock of Gitanjali have been plunged more than 50% within last few months.It means that investors seem to be not convinced by numbers and company’s fundamentals.As well Govt is looking to curb gold import which is not positive for company.

Link InTime is the Registrar of fixed deposit while Bajaj Capital,IIFL,Karvy,Integrated Enterprises,SMC Global are deposit managers and can be contacted if you are interested in fixed deposits.

CLICK HERE to download Gitanjali Gems Fixed Deposit form

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