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Common Mistakes Made In Student Life:

Academics and personal finance have a direct straight relation.If academic record is good then prospects of good job are high.Most of us understands this things after we face the realities but as time is already passed away we do not have any option but to repent on the mistakes made in the past.Today we will take a view on the same..mistakes made in students life.

Time Value is ignored : We come across number of students who are doing their graduation well beyond the expected period..I know few they are doing their Engineering since last 6-7 years which thay are expecting to finish within period of 04 extra years means just waste of time and money.They have lost initial valuable golden years which will contribute dearly in future.After considering compounding effect loss will much more higher side.So understand time value  till time is with you.

Academics is ignored: Academics means consistent good academics is ignored by number of Graduate students and number of them make attempts for pass class only.If you have checked the academic requirements by leading public sector companies then min 60-65% across all the semesters are required for Graduate Engineer…Consistent academic record is very important for good job prospect which is generally ignored.

Skills mismatch: Recent survey made by leading English newspaper indicates that more than 50% graduates are not eligible for employments.Skills matching with education is essential for good job prospects.

There are Exceptions in each and every case and this post doesn’t mean above points are applicable for each and everyone but for majority of students….

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