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My todays morning started with with a call from one gentleman informing me about “one day-technical analysis” on Sunday – most convenient day for all.Conversation between us was something like this:

Gentleman : Good Morning,Sir.

Me:Good Morning.

Gentleman: Sir,speaking from …… technical analysis company. we conduct one day Technical Analysis workshop & one is scheduled on coming Sunday. Sir,Are you interested?

Me:Great..but how it will benefit me?

Gentleman: Sir,we will teach you 100% sureshot profitable techniques and you will start earning from day 1.

Me:Great…what are fees?

Gentleman: 5000/- only sir.

Me:Isn’t it much higher for one day?

Gentleman: No sir..its in three star AC room as well there is courtesy lunch from our side and…..and……

Me: Okk..I will attend but I want something secific…I want trainer  to show his own trades of last few months from online backoffice record  and if he has really earned good then I will surely attend it..

Neverthless to say..gentleman turned to rude-man and cut phone sounding something…

You might have also come across such calls or newspaper ads about one day technical analysis programme and may have lost money without having any actual productivity.

I think trading can be learnt only interacting with the actual system,making mistakes,learning from it..

Have you ever think…if such trading strategies works in real time,founders of such strategies would have the richest persons in the world.

Charts and all such things are useless in front of  investors behavior and “One Day Technical Analysis Workshop” is great way to loose money apart from actual share trading.

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