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Details Of HDFC Life Health Assure Plan – From HDFC Life Insurance

Recently HDFC Life Insurance have come up with the Health Insurance Plan Viz.HDFC Life Heath Assure Plan.

This plan is similar to any basic mediclaim plan which reimburses the actual hospitalization expenses ..there are few other health plans offered by life insurance policies which offers benefits as fixed amount irrespective of the actual expenses.

This is pure health plan in which there is no life insurance (death cover) benefit or there won’t be any maturity or surrender value.

Important Features Of HDFC Life Health Assure Plan:

  1. This plan is available to Buy Online from website of HDFC Life Insurance i.e.
  2. Entry age is 18 for adults or individuals,its 91 days for dependent children while max age of entry is 70 yrs.One can cover spouse,children,parents & in laws under Family floater option.
  3. Premium Guaranteed for  Three years even if there is claim.
  4. Cover doubled after after 02 claim free years.
  5. Guaranteed Life time renewability.
  6. Benefits of Cashless mediclaim facility for network hospitals.
  7. Choice of Individual or family floter plan.
  8. Choice of annual premium or one time premium for Three years.
  9. Co-payment:20% co-pay in case of non-network hospitals.
  10. Tax Benefit: tax benefit U/S 80D .The maximum deduction can be availed is Rs.15000 (Plus Rs.20,000/- for senior citizen parents).

This plan offers two plan options – Gold & Silver.

Plan Type Individual Family Floater
Plan Option Silver Gold Silver Gold
Sum Insured 3 Lakh 5 Lakh 3 L 5 L 7L 10L

Benefits with Annual Limits

Inpatient Hospitalization Y Y
Day Care Benefit Y Y
Pre & Post Hospitalization Y Y
Emergency Ambulance Y Y
Donor Expense benefit Y Y
Maternity benefit N N N Y
Hospital Cash benefit N Y N Y

Additional Benefit

Wellness Benefit N Y N Y
 –  –  –  –  –  –  –
  1. Inpatient Hospitalization – if policy holder is hospitalized for more than 24 hrs.
  2. Day care benefit: Day care benefit on selected around 200 day care processes .
  3. Pre & Post Hospitalization Benefits: Available only if inpatient hospitalization or day care processes are eligible.Benefits available for 30 days prior to the admission & 60 days later from discharge.
  4. Donor expense benefit: Payable if policy holder is recipient.
  5. Maternity benefits:Available with Gold Option family floater only.benefits limited to 3% of Sum insured and female life needs to be covered for three continuous policy years.
  6. Hospital Cash benefit:If policy holder is hospitalized for continuous 24 hrs then hospital cash benefits will be paid for each subsequent day of hospitalization.This benefit is within the annual limit.
  7. Wellness benefit: Benefit in terms of wellness Health Check up vouchers and limited up to 0.1% of sum insured.
  8. Multiplier Sum insured benefit as no claim benefits.

Premium Illustration:

Approximate Premium for 30 year old individual:

Policy term 03 years and renewable thereafter.

Plan Type Individual
Plan Option Silver Gold
Sum Insured 3 Lakh 5 Lakh
Annual Premium 4,560/- 7,546/-
Single Premium 12,030/- 15,191/-

My approximation is  that premium is inline with other similar mediclaim plans.

This is mere outline of the policy and Click Here to view brochure of HDFC Life Health Assure Plan.

Disclaimer: Blog author not related to HDFC Life Insurance or any other insurance company.

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