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Readers Queries – Addition Of Second Account Holder,To Stop Mutual Fund SIP,Mutual Fund Review Frequency

This post is based on Readers queries through e-mail..Just remember that don’t consider it as answers from expert…These are just opinions ..Blogging & having expertise both are two different things.

Can I add Second / Third Holder in Mutual Fund Folio:

Answer is it depends on the AMC.This facility differs from AMC to AMC & as per my approximation only few AMC should have allowing addition of second or third holder directly.Otherwise one need to redeem the investment & apply with new application form for different folio.While having joint account in mutual funds both of the holders need to be KYC Compliant.

Please Click Here to download application form for addition of second / third joint holder from KARVY Mutual Fund Services..Just ascertain whether it is possible or not with your mutual fund.

How To Stop Mutual Fund SIP:

Its possible to stop mutual fund  SIP anytime…One just need to submit the form to cease sip installment.Remember it takes min 15 days to deactivate SIP & so if there is any installment due in between then it will deduct.If you are looking to take out the accumulated investment then don’t forget to submit redemption request form as well…

Sample forms to cease SIP : from CAMS website .

Review Frequency For mutual funds:

Its not possible to generalize anything about review frequency about mutual funds..but certainly one should not check the account frequently…since ups & downs in valuations can create some sort of disappointment & which can affect your future investment…

If anyone thinks that he has selected the fund considering all the factors like past performance against benchmark,type of mutual fund,performance of all other schemes of the said mutual fund house then one need to offer time of at least 03 Yrs…& then take review …Few peoples use ratings like CRISIL or Valueresearch …but I don’t think its possible to track the ratings consistently over a long period of time.


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