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How To Register Complaint Of Mutual Funds At SEBI :


If you are not satisfied by the service provided by mutual funds or you think certain procedures are not followed by mutual funds then you can register your complaint at the regulators through portal

You can register your complaint,Send reminder & view status of your complaint through this portal.

What are general complaints about mutual funds that you can register:

  1. Delay Or Non-Receival of dividends
  2. Delay / Non-Receival of interest on delayed payment or delayed dividends.
  3. Delay / Non-Receipt of redemption amount.
  4. Non-Receipt of unit statement/certificate.
  5. Discrepancy in account statement.
  6. Non Receipt of annual report / abridged summary.
  7. Wrong switches between mutual fund schemes.
  8. Unauthorized switches / redemption.
  9. Deviation from scheme attributes.
  10. Wrong loads/charges.
  11. Non-Updation of KYC parameters.
  12. Other complaints

Imp Regulations Related To Dividends, Redemption,Unit Statement:

  • Mutual Funds need to dispatch dividend warrants within 30 days from date of dividend declaration.
  • Redemption / Repurchase cheques need to be dispatched with 10 working days from the date of receipt of request.
  • Mutual funds will face penalty at the rate of 15% per annum for delayed payments.

These are the common complaints about mutual funds by investors.If you think your rights as mutual funds have violated then you can take support of above Sebi Complaint Redress System i.e Scores.

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