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CIBIL Report – What If CIBIL Do Not Able To Locate Your Records

CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited maintains Credit Data of individuals as submitted by Credit institutions.

Banks & other financial institutions seek financial history of applicant based on credit reports provided by bureaus like CIBIL & decide whether applicant is eligible for loan or not.

Applicant who is seeking for credit score need to pay a fee of Rs.470/- to access the score.

Its OK if CIBIL provide the score but what is CIBIL can’t locate any information about applicant & what happens to fees paid by applicant for credit score?

Lets look at the story:

Rajesh (name changed) do not have credit history & decided to have credit score so that he should able to improve it if there is any problem in credit score.So he apply online & paid Rs.470/- as well he send required documents by speed post having expenses of Rs.39/-.So total he made expenses of Rs.509/- to have a credit score.

Within few days Rajesh received communication from CIBIL.But it was disappointment for him to know that CIBIL was not able to locate his records & as well they return him less than 20% money from originally charged for the report.

Important Question – how much money CIBIL refunded?

All expenses were in vain for Rajesh.It was real disguise for him to know that CIBIL refunded only Rs.68/- & billed him for Rs.402/- for the entire process having zero result for him.

What do you think?

What do you think was CIBIL right charging as much high for Rs.402/- for the letter which mentions that they don’t find any history of applicant?Does CIBIL needs to be more specific while demanding the applicants information?Should CIBIL have a transparent refund policy?What do you think about the same?


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  1. Ishitha says:

    CIBIL Score is provided by CIBIL Limited, a credit information company (CIC) pertaining to credit card and loans.There are no CIBIL scores and no credit reports available from CIBIL for free. However, creditseva provides
    credit score to you for free of cost.

  2. Ishika says:


    CIBIL report is generated on basis of your KYC’s mainly on your PAN card. So if you havent had any credit card or loans applied you will be a NH customer. Also, you can apply for the CIBIL report online where you need to attach your documents and send them online.

    In case, if you want to check your credit score for free you can visit

  3. Ravinder says:

    My loan was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review

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