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How To Optimize Usage Of LPG-Gas Cylinder:

Few months back Govt capped the subsidized LPG cylinders and keep cap of 6 cylinders per family.Recently it has raised up to 9 cylinders.There are also restrictions on number of connections per family.

We have enough addicted towards usage of gas cylinders for cooking purpose due to overall ease of operations & its not possible for us to eliminate usage of LPG even if prices are increased multifold..

Though we can not remove LPG from daily usage , can surely think to optimize use of gas cylinders by following ways.

Superficial Use of  Induction Cookers Induction cookers are averagely priced around Rs.3000/-.It can be used for superficial cooking purpose like tea,coffee ,junk foods or mere warming of regular food.Its advised to cook daily food using LPG only as food prepared using fire as medium are considered to be more easily digestible.

Few may argue that use of induction cooker may lead to increase in electricity cost.Its true but its observed that there is not sharp increase in electricity bills.Also Electricity can be considered to be easily available over Gas cylinders.

Use Of LPG Gas Savers – LPG gas saver is a small equipment connected in between pipe connecting burner & cylinder.This kit is considered to be make optimum use of Gas and results in overall improvement in the performance of cylinder.This kit is generally costs around Rs.800 – Rs.2000/-.

I do not have personally used this kit but its claimed that there is saving of 30% cost towards LPG.

Switch Off knob of Gas Regulator Before going to sleep or at least before leaving for holidays ,just switch off the knob of gas regulator.Its better for safety purpose as well for saving cost also.There is always unnoticeable leak of Gas through pipe from the extreme points at which it is connected to gas burner & cylinder. We can definitely cap loss of Gas through this way.

Use Of Solar If Possible – Using solar water heater is good option against Gas geyser.Solar cookers are also available in the market .Average cost of basic solar water heater starts around Rs.25000….we should not think much about break-even  as cost of installments will increase with higher rate in future and its based on renewable source of energy so limited cost of maintenance ahead.

Of course its difficult to use solar plants in flat systems so not always possible to make use of it.

You may have also using similar ideas for saving cost towards usage of gas cylinders & can think to share with us if you like.



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