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Life Is Alike Ladder & Snake Game-Isn’t It?

You may have played Ladders & Snakes game in childhood,eaten away by snakes or stepped up through ladders.This game have close resemblance with any ones personal finance life.

Snake-ladder Game

To reach the Goal,one need to cross successfully all the snakes while ladders are also available to reach the destination.

Major Snakes in our life –

There are few snakes which are systemic means integral part of system while few are customized for any ones life.

Inflation – ┬áthe major snake and integral part of the system which is dangerous in longer term.Inflation rate of 7% is much more higher and can eat away your saving if lying down in the saving account @ rate of 4%.

Medical – There is more than annual 10% increase in medical charges in last few years.Bad health or any major operation may eat away your savings and a major snake of the game.

Educational cost – Educational costs have sharp rise in recent years.Childs admission can cost in lakh now a days..Admissions for coaching classes, Graduation,Post-Graduation are aldifferent things.

Ladders in Our Life

As far ladders are concerned, sources of income,How much one can able to save,Returns from the investment all these are the ladders in the life.

Equity investment can be the major ladder in the life in longer term perspective but it should be done through systematic way & with informed decisions only otherwise it can turn into Snake as well and can eat away your money.

One more important part is Luck.Luck is quite important in the Ladders & Snakes Game while same is true as far real life is concerned ..isn’t it??


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