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Three Important Things To Learn From The Supreme i.e. From The Nature :

Nature is supreme & things designed around by HIM are always great source of learning.

These things are not only limited to the personal finance but each & every aspect of the life.

Optimization – If you look at the evolution process,human body is in the process of continuous optimization,internally as well as externally.Briefly we can define Optimization as extraction / removal of unnecessary  & opt for essential things , attaining all set of parameters at its best.

In the optimization process,unnecessary things like tail were removed while body was well optimized for overall posture.

Optimization is the continuous process & well applies for personal finance as well. Nature tells us that you should extract out unnecessary things & opt for essentials.

Enough Provisions for important things –  Brain,Heart,kidneys are vital organs of body.All these parts have provided with additional security features.

Though one can live on single kidney nature have provided us with one more , as additional provision while important organs like Brain 0r Heart have located at such places that they can’t be harmed easily.

Additional provisions for important things like retirement are as well applicable & its important message of nature.

Adaptation & Survival Of the Fittest

Survival is possible only if we adapt surrounding changes & change accordingly otherwise we will easily removed from the system.

Optimization,enough provisioning & adaptions are great important messages from the nature and very much applicable for personal finance life of any individual.


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