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How – This Blog Faced Sudden “Critical Illness” –

Today it was a disturbed morning as I was notified by Google about virus attack on the blog.When I checked in Google search then there was in deed warning about site and the image was like this:

Virus Infection


It was a critical problem.Such issues if not solved urgently can make site completely dead and make your multi – year work completely in vain.

I was enough fortunate to diagnose the infected code urgently and removal of the same.Then I immediately appealed Google for review of the site as well.

So around 5:30  pm once again I checked the sites health then it was cleared from the malware warning.and it was like this: Cleaned


So as far I think the problem is over and its clean now  but if any one comes across this warning then please notify me about the same.

Moral Of The Story

A sudden critical problem can wash away your long term hard work.We need to have some plan in mind to recover or face such emergency situations .

Not only websites but we self are always exposed towards risk of critical illnesses which have great impact on our financial life as it can impact your long term hard work and savings. Its very important to have a plan in mind to deal with such situations..such as buying the critical insurance plan or raise fund towards it & I think every one may agree with it

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