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Details & Interest Rates Of IRFC Tax Free Bonds Starting On January 21,2013:

Indian Railway Finance Corporation which is the financing arm of Indian Railway will issue Tax Free bonds through Secured issue aggregating upto shelf limit of 8886.40 crore.

Issue Open Dates – January 21, 2013.

Issue Close Date – January 29, 2013.

Interest Rates – IRFC Tax Free Bonds Issue 2013:

Options-Tranche-1 Series-1 Series-II
Tenure 10 years 15 Years
Coupon Rate For Investors Investing up to 10 lakh. 7.68% 7.84% .
Interest Payment Annually Annually
Coupon Rates For Others 7.18% 7.34%.

Credit rating of the issue is obviously AAA which indicates the highest safety of the issue.

Bonds will be issued in demat form as well in physical form.

As always,these issues are for those investors who want highest safety & expected to fall into the category of highest tax bracket.


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