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Gold ETFs India – Best Gold ETF In India & Return Comparison

What are Gold ETFs

These are the Exchange Traded Funds with Gold as underlyng asset and track domestic physical gold prices.

Gold ETFs in India and return Comparison

  1. Gold ETF comparison – last 1 Yr
Sr.No ETF % Returns For 1 Year
1. Axis 11.91
2. Birla Sunlife 12.02
3. Goldman Sachs 12.06
4. HDFC 12.11
5. ICICI-Pru 11.93
6. Kotak 12.07
7. Quantum 12.11
8. Reliance 12.16
9. Religare 12.20
10. SBI 12.26
11. UTI 12.12
12. Physical Gold 15.28
  • Gold ETF Performance Comparison – Last 3 Yrs

Returns are available for following ETFs.

Click on “show/Hide data table” ┬áto view ┬ánumbers.

  • Gold ETF Return Comparison Last 5 Yrs

Click on “Show/Hide data table” to view the number

–Returns on compounded annual basis.

Moral Of the story

There is a very thin difference in returns as basic asset is the same.Selection of Gold ETF will not affect adversely your investment. There is minor difference in returns due to difference in expense ratios and percentage of holdings by respective fund…

Finally, Which question is more relevant at this point of time – ‘Which is the best Gold ETF’ OR ‘Should I invest in Gold now’…what do you think??

Imp Note – Physical Gold Returns shown here are for very basic prices.In actual due to coin making charges,Jewellary making charges Or due to jewellers / bankers commission actually physical Gold will cost much more & will offer lower returns.

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6 Responses

  1. Anurag says:

    I am a small investor and also new to Gold ETF’s. My objective to invest is higher return, risk hedging and diversification of my portfolio. I am looking for a return period of about 1-3 years. Kindly suggest whether to invest in Gold saving fund or Gold ETF.

    • admin says:

      Both Gold ETFs & Gold Funds have its own pro & cons.

      If you are looking to invest a small amount say Rs.1000 per month then you don’t have option but to go for gold funds.
      Its difficult for any one to invest consistently in Gold ETfs for longer period of time of 3 years.
      But remember you will get lower returns in Gold Funds than Gold ETFs.

  2. Madhav says:

    Comparison need to be done with Gold prices/returns to give more accurate picture. As we know Gold ETF is 100% not investing in Gold, if return comparison is done with respect to Gold it would be nice idea.

    • admin says:

      Yes.You are true.Post is updated with Physical gold returns.
      Due to constant uptrend in Gold prices GOLD Etfs are lagging in the returns.

      I don’t think actual price of Gold ETF is important since % increase is important than the price.Suppose if any ETf have NAV of 3100 and other etf have 3200…it isn’t indicate anything.

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