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Returns Comparison Of Mutual Funds And New Pension Scheme (NPS):


Today,investor have different options to invest in equities like Mutual Funds,Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) and New Pension Scheme (NPS).Today we will have return comparison between performance of NPS against mutual funds.

In NPS,investors have different options to chose as follows:

E-Option Of NPS:Investments predominantly in Equity market.

C-Option Of NPS:Investments is predominantly in fixed income bearing instruments having medium risk and medium gains.

G-Option Of NPS: Investment is  in purely fixed income products having low risk and low gain.

Choice Of   Pension Fund Manager:

Investor can chose any one of the fund manager among the following.

  1. ICICI-Prudential Pension Fund Management Company ltd.
  2. IDFC Pension Fund Management.
  3. Kotak-Mahindra Pension Fund Limited.
  4. Reliance Capital Pension Fund Limited.
  5. SBI Pension Funds Limited.
  6. UTI Retirement Solutions Pvt Limited.

Comparison Of NPS Equity Fund Managers With NIFTY and Mutual Funds:

Scheme-E of NPS invests in equity and related instruments.We will compare performance of different pension fund managers E-Scheme with Nifty and Reliance Growth Fund.

SCHEME-Equity Tier-I:

Pension fund Manager Current NAV          Returns %
Last 1 Yr Last 03 Yrs Last 05 Yrs.
SBI 17.06 -5.77 14.07 7.19
LIC 13.50 -6.82
UTI 19.76 -4.54 14.53 6.81
HDFC 14.46 -5.87
Kotak 18.45 -5.48 13.72 7.23
ICICI Pru 20.17 -5.68 14.05 7.83
Reliance 18.99 -5.56 13.85 6.56
NIFTY Returns -7.37 11.72 5.48

Performance of Few Large Cap oriented Funds as on Nov 23, 2015:

Equity Large Cap Fund Current NAV          Returns %
Last 1 Yr Last 03 Yrs Last 05 Yrs.
Birla SL Frontline Equity 157.30 -0.69 19.07 11.10
ICICI Pru Focused bluechip Equity fund 28.46 -1.56 17.51 10.91
Franklin India Bluechip 346.42 1.52 15.86 9.34
HDFC Top 200 326.25 -6.75 15.55 7.80
SBI Blue Chip fund 27.98 6.29 21.33 12.32

One can view that active managed funds can perform better as compared to national pension scheme which have some investment limitations.


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