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Review Of IDFC Premier Equity Fund:

IDFC premier equity fund has once again opened for lumsum subscription from 1st March 2012..It will remain open till the predetermined corpus target is achieved by the fund.Though subscription through SIP is continuously on.

Just we will take a look at funds performance for last few years.This fund was introduced in Sept 2005 and we will take look at SIP returns offered by the funds since its inception and will compare it with the benchmark returns.

To compare SIP returns we will assume that investor have invested Rs.3000/- per month sice oct 2005 to Feb 2012. on 10th of each month.


Lumpsum Investment:

For lumpsum investment of Rs 1 lakh performance of the fund can be compared with the benchmark index and it can be shown graphically as below.

(Please note that as we have considered only two data points inception date point and ┬átodays date point so chart will be linear connecting these two points only…Graph do not show price fluctuations in between dates as we have considered that investor do not have done any activity in between)


IDFC premier equity have outperformed its benchmark with a good margin for systematic investment as well for lumpsum.Though past performance is not indicative of future ,we can expect that history will repeat itself again and this fund will beat the benchmark in future.

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