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Have You Updated The Address In Pan Database:

One can easily get confused after reading the heading.If pan card itself do not carry any address,neither it is used as address proof,then why to   spend time and money behind it.But I think one,especially whose tax is being deducted at source by banks or any other financial institurion then he should update it,if it is changed.Its in your own interest.


One,whose TDS is being deducted may have received the letter in first quarter of the financial year  from bank which may have folloing matter:


//As per circular no3/2011 dated May 13,2011,issued by Central Board of Direct Taxes Of Ministry Of Finance (“CBDT”) all the certificates in respect of tax deducted at source (TDS Certificates) which is normally issued in the form of 16A only should be generated through Tax Information Networks (TIN) central system with effect from 01st April 2011 and should be issued to the deductee concerned.As per the process incorporated by the department,one certificate is generated for each pan covering all the transcations of the concerned quarter and the address of the assess is generated from the pan database maintained within the department.


Though banks are enough courteous and will also send the TDS certificates to the account holders address with them,it is always better to have the updated record.


Procedure To change the PAN address:

It is a few stepped simple procedure:

  • When one click the tab,then link for application will appear :



  • When you click the above link on the webpage,, first guidelines will appeared..Important are what is the charge,different  modes of payment,who can pay on the behalf of the applicant,documents need to be attached ,address to send the acknowledgement slip and others.
  • When you scroll down the page,one will find the drop down menu and need to select the appropriate category like individual, HUF etc.
  • Just complete the form,after submitting the form an acknowledgement slip will be generated.You can save it and print it.
  • This acknowledgement slip have a space for photo,signature/thumb impressions, transaction number if paid by the net banking.One just need to send it with the requited documents as address mentioned in the acknowledgement slip.
  • If there are any issues then they will communicate you and will required to provide the required information.

If your address is not changed then no matter,but if t is then its better to have the updated record always,isn’t it?


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