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Consistency:-Soul Of The Saving And Investing Process:

As per Hindu mythology,Soul is of prime importance and body is subdued. As said in BhagvatGeeta,difference between ‘alive person’ and ‘dead body’ is mere ‘presence’  and  ‘absense’ of the soul.

Just extending the logic,different types of instruments makes up a portfolio (Body) and a portfolio lacking consistency (Soul) is just a  ‘dead portfolio’ as consistency is the soul of the saving process.

Any simplified process can have following steps:

Today life is too busy..many of you may not come to know when day comes to I think automatic saving or investing process or process where some motivation is required can be more consistent.

Examples of auto investments may be considered as systematic investment plans of mutual funds,recurring deposits,home loan EMIs etc where installments will be deducted from the saving account and probability of achieving the consistency is higher.

The motivational part is also quite significant.most of the policy holders pays insurance premium per year just because of fear of policy lapsation,though they have to stand in que or needs to take a half day.Such kind of  motivation is required for any instrument to achieve the consistency over a period of time.

There are other number of better instruments available which requires some manual efforts.

 I always observe  the importance of consistency on this blog when  search engine bots drives away sometimes due to lack of consistency of  writing the  posts and endorse the phenomenon.

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