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What If Your Tata Motors Fixed Deposit Is Nearer To Maturity:

Just yesterday I received one mail from blog reader.He was invested in fixed deposit scheme of Tata Motors before 3 yrs and around next month there is a maturity of the deposit..He was not aware of what to do next or action needs to be taken from his side.I have replied him but I think there may be few others who have invested in Tata Motors Fixed Deposit scheme and information may be useful for others also.

First important thing is that Tata Motors is not currently accepting fresh / renewals of the deposits.

There is no problem in  communication from companys side with depositors.Just depositor need to confirm that whether is any change in correspondence address provided with them.If you have changed the address then of course you will not receive the communication from them as it may have reached the older address.If address is changed then it needs to update by providing them with self attested address proof attested by all joint holders,if any.

They normally send the interest payment warrant in advance,it carries investors name and bank account number and investor can deposit the warrant only in that account only so try to confirm that this bank account is operative.

Investors need to surrender the fixed deposit receipt and after receival of the same, registrars can issue the payment of the principal amount.If anyone have lost the fixed depost receipt then he /she need to communicate with the registrar for the process.I think they may take indemnity bond signed from you.Format of the same just need to confirm.

TSR Darashaw limited is a registrar of Tata Motors fixed deposits scheme and can be contacted if you have any related queries.

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