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What If Your Tata Motors Fixed Deposit Is Nearer To Maturity:

Just yesterday I received one mail from blog reader.He was invested in fixed deposit scheme of Tata Motors before 3 yrs and around next month there is a maturity of the deposit..He was not aware of what to do next or action needs to be taken from his side.I have replied him but I think there may be few others who have invested in Tata Motors Fixed Deposit scheme and information may be useful for others also.

First important thing is that Tata Motors is not currently accepting fresh / renewals of the deposits.

There is no problem in  communication from companys side with depositors.Just depositor need to confirm that whether is any change in correspondence address provided with them.If you have changed the address then of course you will not receive the communication from them as it may have reached the older address.If address is changed then it needs to update by providing them with self attested address proof attested by all joint holders,if any.

They normally send the interest payment warrant in advance,it carries investors name and bank account number and investor can deposit the warrant only in that account only so try to confirm that this bank account is operative.

Investors need to surrender the fixed deposit receipt and after receival of the same, registrars can issue the payment of the principal amount.If anyone have lost the fixed depost receipt then he /she need to communicate with the registrar for the process.I think they may take indemnity bond signed from you.Format of the same just need to confirm.

TSR Darashaw limited is a registrar of Tata Motors fixed deposits scheme and can be contacted if you have any related queries.

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  1. Sreekant says:


    I have invested in Tata Motors Fixed Deposit : Receipt No : 604667 for 12 months.
    This got over on 14/04/2010. I have signed and sent the FDR to the address provided : LINK INTIME INDIA PVT LTD – BHANDUP. Its been more than 2 years and I have not received the amount back. Now I see
    The Registrars to the Fixed Deposits Scheme have been changed from M/s Link
    Intime India Private Limited to M/s TSR Darashaw Limited.

    1.) when did this got changed.
    2.) How to follow up.
    3.) email address/phone # given in website are never picked or answered.

    Please advice

  2. Rakesh says:

    I had a FD done in April 2009 thru and now I am in US. I never got the any physical receipt for this. As I do not have a address in India, howdo I give a new address proof?

    • admin says:

      Yes.Your problem looks genius.I wonder,most of the investors commented here are from ICICI direct and they have not received any physical receipt.
      You require to sign indemnity bond with them.You can contact TSR Darashaw through email / phone and demand format of indemnity bond.

  3. Ranjith says:

    I applied for the TATA MOTORs FD in APR 2009 through, I’ve got the interest credited after 3 years in form of check but not the principal amount. I didn’t receive any receipt /FD in physical form .From above posts looks like I need to submit indemnity form. If anyone has submitted indemnity form, can you please let me know, how to get this form and what is the complete procedure..

  4. B DAS says:

    This is just loot maar, just use less process by ICICI and tata motors to keep money free of interest. Time for class action law suit.

  5. Pankaj Agarwal says:

    I applied for the TATA MOTORs FD in APR 2009 through, I’ve got the interest credited to my account but not the principal amount. Whom should i contact? I didn’t receive any receipt /FD in physical form but i do have a online receipt for the same.

    • admin says:

      Better to contact registrar of the issue or representative of ICICI Direct.
      They can guide you better.I till do not have experience of procedure for online receipt.

    • sha says:

      Pankaj, I also invested through Icicidirect and did not receive a FDR. I dropped an email to icicidirect and they asked me to contact tsrdarashaw. I checked with them and they said they have sent a fdr and if I don’t have it I need to send an indeminity form for rupees 200. Did you manage to get any info from icicidirect?

      • admin says:

        Thank you for information.
        Actually,peoples at ICICI Direct should have helped you out.

        • sha says:

          I reached out to ICICI direct and they asked me to contact the Darashaw office. I reached to them and they said they have sent the FDR and if I don’t have the receipt then I have to submit an indeminity form in 200 rupees non judicial stamp paper. What a pain to get back my money 🙁 Does anybody know whether I should get the form signed by authorized notory? The form also has a place for witness to sign, who can I put as witness?

          • admin says:

            I think witness can be any one who knows you very well,ready to provide his identity and do not have any problem to sign as witness.
            Preferably find your friend who have also invested in Tata Motors FD scheme.

      • Joe says:

        Hi Sha,

        I am having exactly the same issue. I dont have to spend additional 200 Rs. and postal charges etc. while loosing on the interest. so planning to escalate this to higher management.

        • admin says:

          I think,better to demand the format of indemnity bond from registrars and can execute it on Rs.200/- stamp paper.
          Higher management may not help you in this matter.

  6. Amit says:

    Thanks Admin ..
    I too have the same situation with Tata Motors & your reply was very helpful.

    Now that my FD is abt to mature, I am looking for some othe corporate company for FD. Please guide on this.

    Thanks in Advance

    • admin says:

      Thanks Amit.
      Good to know it helped you.
      You can invest now in deposits of Shriram Transport,Mahindra & Mahindra Financial services or HDFC platinum deposits or Force motors.

  7. ALKESH KUMAR says:

    my fd of Rs.1 lakh has maturity on march,2012 what should i do now! I want to know whom should i approach to get my principle back, and it is necessary to fix revenue stamp duly signed by me.

    alkesh kumar

  8. I have invested in TATA MOTORS fixed depoit Rs.2 lakhs ,vide Rt.No.195648 on dtd.18-04-2009 and it matures in next month.I have changed my place of residence from Vadodara to Delhi in October 2011 but no updated thinking that sending Fixed Deposit Receipt duly signed it on maturity to M/s LINK INTIME INDIA PVT LTD BHANDUP and get amount through ECS system to my SB A/C given in the Application while depositing.Now it is mentioned in this article to send Receipt duly signed to TRS Darshaw,which is cofusing.Please Phone number to whom I have to approach for my doubts cleared.LAXMIPUTRA

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