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One can view that theres is a Poll placed on the sidebar of  this blog.Purpose of the poll is nothing,, but poll question tease the brain of reader and makes them to think about the issue.

Some polls are occasionally important while some are relevent at any time.Here I have collected some past polls here which I feel that are relevant today also.

  • Current Poll:Should RBI Enhance Limit Of Deposit Insurance Coverage Min Upto Rs 3 lakh From That Of Current 1 lakh?
DICGC offers insurance of max upto Rs 1 lakh per bank.I do not know when it was reviewed last time,but considering increased income and increased inflation insurance of 1 lakh looks insufficient.Either RBI should enhance the limit min upto 3 lakh or they should provide option for customer to opt it by paying additional premium for it.I think this is important so that peoples can safeguard their money,if they wish so.
  • SBI currently offers interest rate of 9.25 compounded per quarter for period of 1-10 yrs.Would you like to lock your capital for 10 yrs with this interest rate?
I think one can lock partial amount for 10 yrs with this interest can withdraw money any time prematurely with some fine.
  • Would you like to undertake performance guarantee from your financial advisor?
Financial advisor will charge you for their advise.If you are paying for it then will you insist for partial or complete performance guarantee?
  • Which of the following will you prefer first: Investment [mutual funds,stocks],Insurance Or Mediclaim:
Which one will you first prefer among investing,buying insurance or mediclaim.I think Most will like to  start with investing.
  • Is Closure Of ULIP Is Justified After Completion Of 5 Yrs:
If you visit any insurance company you will find a que infront of service desk.Max of the policy holders are their to enquire about closure of their unit linked insurance plans.But my opinion is that they have not think twice before buying it ,but at least before exit they should think twice.ULIPS are market dependant and for first few policy years charges are high.If you surrender policy after completion of 3 or 5 yrs,neither your agent nor insurance company will mind it as they have charged you for max in first few yrs.Imp advantage of ULIP is that it keeps you active investor for a longer period of time[which may not be possible in mutual funds].so I think that who have completed their 3-5 yrs should continue with the policy.
  • Do you have convinced that Equity Will Offer You Return Of 15% In Longer Period Of Time?
You may have heard predictions of 15% long term equity returns.I am  investor as well distributor so I wish to happen it but I am not convinced about 15% for next 20 yrs.Its hard to imagine sensex at 2,80,000 levels within 20 yrs with CAGR of 15%..It all depends on how catalysts catalyse the process and history may or may not be repeat again.
  • Should RBI allow multiple nomination facility for saving / deposit accounts similar to mutual funds?
In mutual funds one can nominate upto 3 nominees with % fund wise..Spouse is a natural selection for nominee,but most of the account holders whose spouse is not alive hesitate to nominate one among all legal heirs due to fear of possible conflicts.So as per my opinion banks also should allow multiple nominations if anyone wish to do it among legal heirs.


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