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Recent Updates In Company Fixed Deposits:

To start with,HDFC has maintained “AAA” rating for their fixed deposits for consecutive 17 years.HDFC platinum deposits currently offers interest rate of 10% compounded per annum and 0.25% extra for senior citizens.This is the most preferred deposit at least for me apart from bank deposits.

Shriram transport finance have maintained their interest rate of 10.75% CAGR for period of 3 to 5 yrs.STFC deposits carry rating of AA+.

Fixed deposits of Mahindra Financial Services Ltd,with “FAAA” rating from CRISIL offers 10.50% CAGR for period of 36 months.

Dewan Housing Finance Ltd [DHFL]  currently offers interest rate of 10.50% for a period of ranging from 12 months to 84 months through Aashray Deposit plus scheme.It offers 11% [0.5% extra for sr.citizens]for  period of 365 days and min deposit of Rs.50000/-.Recurring deposit can also be done starting from min Rs.500/- with interest rate of 10.50%.DHFL deposits carry credit rating of AA+ from care and FAAA from BWR.

Within automobile sector,Force Motors currently offers 11% Compounded half yearly rate of interest for a period of 3 yrs.

ICICI-Home finance offers 9.25% CAGR for period of 35 months and have AAA ratings from CARE and ICRA.

Sundaram finance offers 9.75% for period of 18 months and 9.50% for 36 months.Deposits carries AAA ratings from ICRA.

Other number of companies from sectors including real estate, pharmaceuticals or some of the IT companies are offering fixed deposits but I think it may carry risk so avoided details of other companies.

These deposits can offer you better way for diversification.Most of then offers monthly,quarterly,annual interest payment options alongwith cumulative..there is no need to open saving account  with them..Interest directly credits by ECS or NEFT facility in bank account provided .So one can think to  invest a few percent in these companies.

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