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Mind Of Confused Investor:

Hi,I am investor,but confused.I have heard somewhere that there is clearity behind confusion,but it’s  not looking true for me.What has made me confused and irrational?

Sometimes back I picked up few shares suggested by the expert on the television.after few days same expert suggested indifferent stocks,than suggested earlier.Now I am CONFUSED what to do with earlier stocks and what is the guarantee that he will not turn to another scripts in future?

Somedays back,I invested in mutual funds suggested on one of the advisors website.Now,he is in favor of totally different I am CONFUSED what to do with my existing schemes.Is it so much easy to reshuffle,exit and enter the different schemes?What will I do if he once again turn to new post with new schemes?

When market goes up everyone talks of growth option etc and when market corrects significantly everyone advocates dividend mode or systematic withdrawl plans,isn’t it confusing?I have heard and read that equities are for longer term,but I get confused when some one writes about importance of profit booking….

I was entered in unit Linked Insurance Plan few years back.I am highly confused whether to continue or not?One mind says you should continue as I have paid most of the charges already.My agent and insurance company have already earned maximum out of it. It will be beneficial investing ahead,, while one mind says  ‘exit’ as most of the investors are showing it door and as well I should also follow the crowd.I am confused which of my side will prove true?

Same thing is about my ongoing endowment and moneyback plan also.Exit or continue?If today I exit it and in future if someone prove  that how endowment plans are good then what will happen with me?I can’t go to insurance company again to restore it as it is irreversible after specific period.

What is future of real estate and Gold?utter confusion…I have to buy both.Home is a basic need while I need to accumulate Gold for children’s marriage in future…What will happen to me if prices continuously go on?

Really,there are a huge question marks in front of me..then why not to let money remain in saving account till I come out of the confusion and why not to take decision whenever i will find answers to my question?,,at least I will remain happy looking at my bank balance,isn’t it?

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  1. bemoneyaware says:

    Amazing…you have correctly explained the confusion of every investor. As I often say We don’t allow people to drive without a license test but allow them to enter the complex financial world without much financial education
    The problem is so many choices and the only way to get financially educated. When we buy a car or a TV we find out all about it from magazines, friends, internet but sadly don’t do this when we invest.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      But I think every one self investor,agents,advisors,AMCs all are responsible for this chaos.

      • bemoneyaware says:

        No it’s my money so it’s my responsibility: How long can we blame others and as they say “Chahe chakoo
        padhe tarbooz par ya tarbooz padhe chaki par katega to tarbooz hi”(if knife falls on watermelon or water
        meloong falls on knife it’s watermelon that gets cut)
        I would blame financial illiteracy as the reason why this happens, If I don’t know I would buy thinking others

        • admin says:

          You are true but whats exactly mean by financial literacy?I wonder if any certified planner expose his own portfolio and I can affirm self that financial literacy is not limited to theory but have existence in practice also..

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