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Download Form Of REC/ IFCI-Series4 Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds:

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If you are looking to invest in currently ongoing REC / IFCI tax saving infrastructure bonds then you can download application form from following link:

//Dear readers,please note that I have disabled the downloadable links as I found a high number of form downloads and I need some download tracking system to be installed.Till I  do it,if you require application form,then please sms your e-mail Id to 9225965529 or mail me at with your location.Thank You

//I have done something to prevent anonymous downloading[Scroll down till bottom of the page].You need to enter your name and email-id,, Password will be send to you through this mail.Just enter this password to view the downloadable links….Sorry for the inconvenience.

List Of Collection Centres:

Investor can submit IFCI application form at designated branches of HDFC Bank and IndusInd bank.

To view list of HDFC Banks FOR IFCI Series-4 Forms please CLICK HERE

To View collection centres of IndusInd Bank For IFCi Series-4 Forms  CLICK HERE.


To View List of  collection centres of HDFC banks for REC Infrastructure Bonds Click Here:

To View List of  collection centres of IndusInd banks for REC Infrastructure Bonds Click Here:

To View List of  collection centres of Kotak-Mahindra banks for REC Infrastructure Bonds Click Here:

  Instructions To Fill The Application Form:

  • Please take out few minutes to read form completely.
  • You will find totally 4 options in application form.Tenor is the total bond period and it may be 10 or 15 years.Minimum lock in period is 5 yrs for all the options for IFCI and its 5 and 7 yrs respectively for 10 yrs and 15 yrs bonds..
  • Cumulative Option:Investor will receive Principle + Interest cumulatively at the end of period.
  • Annual Interest:Investor will receive interest annually and principle at the end of period.In my opinion,investor can choose cumulative option,though it will investors individual choice.
  • Choose mode of holding:Physical or demat mode.If you have choosen physical mode then please ignore table of DP ID and Client ID.
  • If you chose demat mode,then correctly enter DP ID and Client Id details.For NSDL,it will be like:IN300067 and on next line 89890090 and in case of CDSL it will be complete 16 digit beneficiary number.
  • Remaining form is easy to fill.
  • If you have any other difficulty,please call me Paresh:9225965529.

Documents Required:

Physical mode:

  1. Self attested Pan Card.
  2. Self Attested address proof.
  3. Cheque in favor of “IFCI Limited-Infra Bond”.
  4. Cancelled Copy of Cheque.

Demat Mode:

  1. Self attested pan card.
  2. Cheque in favor of “IFCI Limited-Infra Bond”.

If you have any other query,please call me Paresh-9225965529.

DownLoad Application Form:

  • Please enter your name and e-mail Id below.
  • You will receive password through this mail.Please check spam.Avoid using or
  • Enter this password below to acess download links.
  • Link will be automatically deactivated after fixed number of applications are downloaded[e.g.1000].Author need to manually reactivate it.
  • Each application downloaded carries unique application number. 
  • You need not to enter  password again on same pc till cookies and web catches are deleted. 
//Currently downloadable links of REC and IFCI are not working.However if you want to download IDFC / L&T application form,please click here.



IMP NOTE:Please note that,suppose if you want two application forms,then click TWICE on the link so that two separate application forms with two unique numbers are generated.[/sd][/password-protect]


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