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Launch Of Copper Mini Contract At MCX India:

Today,Multi-commodity exchange of India launched much awaited mini contract of 250 Kg in copper futures.Earlier it was available in trading lot of 1000 Kg only.

Specifications of Copper Mini Lots are as follows:

  • Trading start date:20th Dec.2011.
  • Contracts launched:Contracts launched of months ending february,April & June 2012.
  • Quotation / Base value: 1 Kg.
  • Trading lot: 250 Kg.
  • Maximum order size: 70 MT.
  • Tick size: 5 paise per Kg.
  • Delivery limit:9 MT with variation upto +/- 1% i.e. 9 kg.

As copper prices are true indicators of economic conditions,its always preferred than any other base metals.

Hopefully,copper-mini contract may prove a good risk management tool for copper traders.

For more about copper futures also read:Introduction To Copper Futures: 

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