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How Dalay Of 2 Minutes Compounded To 2Hrs:

Yesterday I have to meet one person on 11 am regarding my work.As the time distance from my home was nearly 2 hrs,I planned to go by Pune City Bus.There was a direct bus till destination on 8:00 am ,,just nearer from my home.So I think that things will went fine as I will comfortablly reach upto 10 am to my destination and do some survey of surrounding region and will go to meet to concerned person till 11 am.

I reach to bus stop exact on 7.55 am .Till 5 mins left for bus to reach the stop…and suddenly I realised that I have forgotten  my mobile phone at home ….Is it possible to live without mobile for a complete day??No.So I immediately,, nearly running reach to my home and take my mobile and start running towards bus stop..But bad luck was waiting for me ahead..I was just nearer to the bus stop and bus pass by..I can see the bus but not able to catch..Sometimes you could have also experience the frustration if such things happened..

Now,there was no bus for next one hr.I have to go to one other nearer bus stop and have to catch the bus…But now I have to go from A\rightarrow B and then from B\rightarrow C,,instead of direct \small A\rightarrow C…So I started walking to reach to nearer bus stop..It takes nearly 20 minutes to reach…From where I get bus nearly after half an hour.Same thing repeated at next point..Also growing traffic after 10 am contributed to my delay more and more and finally I reach to my final destination on 12 O’clock..where I was expecting to reach at 10am.

Just delay of 2 min lead to delay of 2 hrs…I was lucky that I able to meet the concerned person..

Does this kind of delay can  affect my financial life also?Today,if I am delaying my saving or investment decisions ,how much it can cost to me?If Rs.1 Lakh,beyond some emergency fund lying ideal in my saving account,how much I am loosing compoundingly?HDFC offers 10% rate of interest,so I am loosing plain 6% per annum i.e.Rs.6000/- (more than cost of gas cylinders of one year )per year per 1 lakh rupees lying in my saving account..Isn’t it?

So do not delay your saving and investment decisions ,it will likely prove dearly in future.Do you agree?


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