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Commodities Traded at MCX And NCDEX:

MCX (Multi-commodity Exchange ) and National Commodity & Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) are two important commodity exchanges in India.Important and most traded commodities and their lot sizes are as follows.Unlike stock futures,commodity futures have fixed lot size independent of the price.


Commodity Display Price Unit 1LotEquivalent To
Copper Rs/Kg 1000 Kg
Nickel Rs/Kg 250 Kg
Lead Rs/Kg 5000
Zinc Rs/Kg 5000
Aluminium Rs/Kg 5000
Leadmini Rs/Kg 1000
Zincmini Rs/Kg  1000
Alumini Rs/Kg 1000
Silver Rs/Kg 30 Kg
Silverm Rs/Kg 5Kg
SilverMic Rs/Kg 1 Kg
Gold Rs/10Gram 100
GoldM Rs/10Gram 10
Goldguine Rs/8 Gram 1
Goldpetal Rs/1 Gram 1
CrudeOil Rs/ Barrel(BBL) 100
Natural Gas  Rs/mmBtu 1250


Commodity Lot
Chana* 10 MT
Chilli* 5 MT
Cocudakl* 10 MT
Dhaniya* 10 MT
Guarseed* 10 MT
Guargum* 5MT
Jeera* 3 MT
Maize* 10 MT
Potato* 15MT
RMSeed* 10MT
Steel-long** 10 MT
Sugar* 10MT
Soyabean* 10MT
Refined Soya Oil*** 10MT
Turmeric 5MT
Wheat 10MT

* Display Unit: Rs/Quintal

** Display Unit: Rs/MT.

***Display Unit: Rs/10Kg


1MT OR 1 Ton =1000 Kg .

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