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Fixed Deposits:Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation Ltd.

KTDFC is a Kerala Govt owned non-banking finance company registered with Reserve Bank Of India.

It offers vehicle loans to individual as well to transport operators of heavy commercial vehicles,home and personal loans..It accepts fixed deposits from public and deposits are guaranteed by Kerala Govt upto Rs.1,000 Crore.with interest.

Interest Rates:

Period(Yrs) Interest Rates Maturity Value Of Rs. 1Lakh
1 10.25 1,10,750
2 10.25 1,22,650
3 10.25 1,35,820
4 10 1,48,940
5 10 1,64,530

 Other Details:

  1. Interest rate is compounded monthly.
  2. Form 15G/15H,if interest is above Rs.5000/- and you do not want to deduct it at source(TDS).
  3. For individuals KYC documents like valid address proof and pan card is mandatory.
  4. Companies,partnership firms and trusts can also invest in deposits subject to all required documents are provided.
  5. Loan upto 75% of deposit value is possible.
  6. Cumulative as well Monthly or quarterly interest payment options available.
  7. Minimum deposit amount: Rs.10,000/-
  8. Finally,as stated above deposits are guaranteed by Govt Of Kerala.

Download KTDFC Fixed deposit form.



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