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Top SIP Performers:

Currently there are more than 35 asset management companies and number of schemes are offered by them.Its really tough to choose the scheme for longer term investment.We have presented here some of the top SIP performers,considering period of last 5 years.

As returns are for Systematic monthly investments only,it may differ for lumpsum investments.

Basic assumptions :

1.SIP start date: 25/08/2006

2.Last SIP installment date:25/08/2011.

3.Installment : Rs.3000/- per month.

4.Total amount invested: Rs.1,80,000.

5.Current value: Value as on 1st Sept.2011.

General(Diversified) Equity Funds:

Fund Returns CAGR Current value
IDFC Premiere Equity Fund 20.05% 2,96,475.
SBI-Magnum Emerging Business 15.10 2,62,680
Icici-Pru Discovery fund 14.77% 2,60,545
UTI opportunities 13.91 2,55,081
Reliance Equity Opportunities 13.75 2,54,085
Sundaram Select madcap 13.72 2,53,885
HDFC equity 12.71 2,47,625
Quantum Long term equity 11.92 2,42,628
HDFC Top200 11.36 2,39,480
HDFC Capital Builder 10.93 2,36,580


Tax Saver (ELSS ):

Fund Returns CAGR Current value
Saharatax gain 11.99 2,43,250
Fidelity Tax advantage 11.25 2,38,825
Taurus Tax shield 10.97 2,37,179
HDFC tax saver 10.79 2,36,111
Franklintax shield 10.78 2,36,050
ICICI pru tax plan 10.12 2,32,208a

Balanced Funds:

Fund Returns Current Value
HDFC Childrens Gift-Investment 15.88“ 2,67,755
HDFC Balanced 15.43 2,64,800
HDFC Prudence 15.33 2,64,165
Birla sunlife balanced 11.71 2,41,565
HDFC Childrens Fund-Savings 11.46 2,40,073
Tata Balanced 10.61 2,35,056

Dividend yield *:

Fund Returns Current Value
Birla dividend yield 16.66 2,72,930
ING dividend yield 15.83 2,67,428
Tata Dividend yield 14.75 2,60,418
UTI dividend yield 14.21 2,56,980

* Though dividend yield funds are equity diversified,they consists mainly high dividend paying stocks.As a thumb rule,it should not be first choice of any investors.Investors having good diversified funds can consider for these funds.

One can not guarantee the future performance of any fund.But as a benchmark we have selected returns of last 5 yrs and may be helpful for new investors to choose the funds.



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