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Money Earning Ideas:

Any business with model of low cost and high earning can be successful.Same applies to our financial life also.Today petrol become dearer by 3 rupees.It will have cascading effect and multiply our expenses.In this scenario,What options we have? Save more or earn more…Here we will look at some easy saving and earning ideas.

Don’t Let Your Money Remain Idle:

Do not let your money lying beyond some emergency fund.If you have Rs.1 Lac lying in your saving account,then you are earning around Rs. 4,ooo interest and if you transfer this amount in fixed deposit then with a minimum interest of 9%,one can get interest of 9,000 per annum.It means that you are loosing annually 5,000 rupees just because money is in saving account.

Start Blog or website:

Anyone having something known about any subject,can start a blog.This can be done as a purely part time job.As this is your blog,you can update blog as per time convenience.Its very much easy to start blogging with blogger or wordpressMonetize your blog with google adsense,infolink ads or other affiliate links.

Start trading:

Many eyebrows may be raised after reading this heading.But trading can be proved a good online earning opportunity if traded properly.Sachin is a software engineer.He has kept Rs.30,000 in his commodity trading account at MCX.He always buy 1 Kg silver on correction and hold the position till he get the profit of 4000-5000 rupees.Trading margin required is Rs.5000 and he have risk margin of Rs.25,000 to defend the downfall if any. He have earned good money with this strategy.  Same thing about Gold and one can get good money if gold is bought on correction.

If you have any other idea, then let comment in section below..

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