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How To Open Account With National Spot Exchange Ltd:


//Please note: NSEL is no more available for commodity trading.

National spot exchange is a place where investor can buy gold and silver in demat mode,very similar to equity shares.Its great option to buy instead of physical mode.Its very convenient to buy and hold in demat mode.There are no chances of theft as well impurity and will get similar returns as that of physical way.

To open account with NSEL one needs to open trading as well as demat account.

To open account,one can approach to any of the exchange registered broker and sign an agreement cum application form as we do to open a normal demat account.

Documents required:

1.Pan card.

2.Identity proof.

3.Address proof.

Just submit the form along with required documents and account opening cheques . Account opening takes 5-6 days if all things go smoothly and then you can transfer margin and start investing.

NSEL advantage is that it facilitates online investments in Silver which is not possible till other than physical way.Also investor have option to choose to sell online or to get jewellery of equivalant units.


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