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Six Critical Illnesses That Needs To Be Covered:

Any life threatening illness can be called as a critical illness.As it is critical,it creats a big hole into health as well as in financial status of person.Brain,Heart and kidney are considered to be the most important parts of human body and illness related to these parts can be critical.

As already stated,it can creat a big hole in the pocket,at least these illnesses should be covered by anyone.More common critical illnesses are as follows:

1.Cancer: Cancer can be cured if found in early stages.Some of the cancers are not life threatening  and insurance cover may not be available against such cases under critical illness benefits.I am not sure but sometimes cover against cases like skin cancers is not available under critical illness benefits.Other types of deadly cancers can be cured in early stages by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.Cost of chemotherapy depends on number of factors and it can be from few thousands to  lakhs per cycle.

2.Heart attack:Heart blockages can lead to a bypass surgery.Cost of bypass surgery in  better hospital may around 3.5-4 Lakh.If you have insurance cover,things will be better to manage.

3.Chronic Kidney failure:If Kidneys are permanently damaged then it is called as Chronic kidney failure.Dialysys(artificial filtration) or kidney replacement are only two options available for patients.In general,patient needs to undergo dialysis for 2-3 times in a week and cost is around Rs. 15,000 per month.

4.Organ transplant: Critical illness cover will be available for organ acceptor only.Kidney & liver transplant are the most common and cost of the surgery may be around 5 Lakh.

5.Stroke: Like heart attack,stroke can be called as a brain attack.Person needs to hospitalized immediately.

6.Paralysis: It is a loss of muscle function in a certain part of body.sometimes it is not curable and cost of treatment is high.

Most of the health insurance companies in India provides a special policy against these critical illnesses with some minor differences as well life insurance policies have facility of Critical Illness riders for the same.Generally benefits are paid on first diagnosis and procedures and its always better to take insurance or mediclaim at earlier stage of life….so call today mediclaim advisor and ask for critical illness cover.


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