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Recent Updates in Reliance Gold Savings Fund:

Reliance Gold Savings Fund is a FOF scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund.It invests predominantly in Reliance Gold ETF.Few days back AMC have introduced some basic facilities.

1.Reliance Golden Transfer Step:In this facility unit holders can transfer a fixed amount from open ended scheme or only capital appreciation in Reliance gold savings fund.

similarly option of STP-out is also available.

2.Reliance Golden Dividend Transfer Plan:Unit holders of open ended scheme of Reliance mutual fund can transfer dividend declared to Gold savings fund.Dividend declared will be automatically invested in gold fund if opted for this facility.

3.Reliance Golden Trigger Facility:It is possible to apply triggers of different events in transferor scheme.E.g.If any invesor wish to switch capital appreciation of 10% from current NAV of Reliance Growth fund to Reliance gold fund then he can use automatic trigger facility.




Returns offered by Reliance Gold Savings fund:

1.Since launch as on 10/08/2011: 22.98%

2.NAV as on 10/08/2011 :  12.2981.

3.Asset under management : 790 Crore as on 30th April 2011.




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