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Review of Helios & Matheson Fixed Deposits:

  • Helios & Matheson is Chennai based IT company started operation in 1991 and having offices in india and subsidiaries in USA and Singapur.
  • Company have registered at National Stock Exchange in 1999 and current stock price is 32.
  • Company is in profit since its inception and profit for Q4 ended March 2011 was 498 Lakhs.


  • Fixed Deposit Scheme:

1.1 Yr : 12%

2.2yrs: 12%.

3.3Yrs: 12%.

Interest rates are compounded annually and cumulative and monthly/quarterly interest payment options are available.

Minimum application amount:

1.Cumulative Option: RS.25000/-

2.Quarterly Interest Payment: Rs.40,000/-

3.Monthly Interest Payment: Rs.1Lakh.

Additional amount is Rs.1000/-.Cheque should be drawn on “Helion and Matheson Information Technology Ltd” and it should be at Par.

Interset payment will start from date of cheque realisation.

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