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1.Gold etfs are the exchange traded funds managed by mutual funds.
2.Units can be purchased through demat account only.
3.Gold etfs primarily invests in gold and related instruments.
4.Nav is calculated upto 4 decimal points.
5.Recurring expense limit is similar to equity mutual funds.
6.Gold etfs are benchmarked against prices of physical gold.
7.As per sebi guidelines,physical verification of gold underlying the gold etf units shall be carried out by statutory auditors of mutual fund scheme on half yearly basis and same is to be communicated by trustees to sebi.

Mutual funds offering gold etfs:

1.axis gold etf.
2.Birla sunlife gold etf.
3.Gold benchmark etf.
4.Hdfc gold etf.
5.Icici prudential gold etf.
6.Kotak gold etf.
7.Quantum gold etf.
8.Reliance gold etf.
9.Sbi gold ets.
10.Uti gold ets.
11.Religare gold etf.

Cateogary returns offered by gold etfs:

1.   Last 3 yrs : 19.71%  cagr.

2.   Last 1 yr :  26.46%

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